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We are dedicated to your satisfaction and peace of mind. Let us help you get your building back up to standards.



Your home is the most important place in your life, and needs to be made safe from asbestos and mold. We are dedicated to bringing your home back up to safety standards and making it safer for you and your family.



Mould or asbestos in your place of business is not only dangerous, but could be breaking the law. We will work tirelessly to get your business back up to code and ensure it is safe for customers and employees.

Contact us for fast and efficient Asbestos testing and removal service.

Services Overview

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is a mineral that was commonly used in the past for building materials that can cause a variety of health issues. Full removal is the only way to assure safety.

Mould Removal

Mould is dangerous to the structure of your building and to the health of the people inside. We can determine if your building has mold growth and remove it immediately.

Fire And Flood Damage Restoration

A fire or flood can be destructive to both property and people, but we can help you put the pieces back together again. Let us handle the cleanup and restoration of your property.

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“In July of 2015 we had the pleasure to enter into a contract with Peter Kiryakos, of Certified Asbestos Removal Inc. Peter and his crew evaluated the project and gave us a very competitive price for the work to be done. Within days of signing our contract
Peter’s company was hard at work professionally removing asbestos from our site to the standards of Alberta Health & Safety guideline and the Asbestos Abatement Manual.”


Frank Edwards

“I approached and hired Certified Asbestos Removal Inc. in April of 2015 to perform an asbestos abatement / demolition for my basement renovation and they have been cost effective, on schedule and had provided lab test results for Insurance purposes promptly. They have done a great job and I would definitely use their services again and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for asbestos removal projects.”


CJ Hunjan

“I had engaged Certified Asbestos Removal Inc. to carry out pre demolition asbestos abatement and have been extremely pleased with the expertise and level of professionalism with which they completed the work. I was particularly impressed with their attention to customer service and the effort they took to minimize costs and inconvenience to the customer. I will be pleased to recommend them to anyone requiring asbestos removal.”


Sanjay Gokani

“When I met the guys at Certified Asbestos Removal Inc., I knew instantly that I was in great hands. I had great confidence and immediate trust in their ability to conduct the services I needed as safely as possible and at a very competitive price while following the safety guidelines. Peter and company kept me very involved throughout the entire project and updated me on a regular basis to make sure that we met our deadline. The guys at Certified Asbestos Removal are great and very trustworthy. As a very satisfied customer/client, I would definitely use their services again and would highly highly highly recommend Peter and Certified Asbestos Removal Inc. for all of you asbestos abatement needs.”


Martin Tchernev