What Does Asbestos Abatement Mean?

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Asbestos is a dangerous substance that was commonly used in building materials prior to the 1980s. If you live in a home or work in a building constructed before then, there is a good chance that asbestos-containing products were used in its construction.  Harmful asbestos fibers can easily become airborne if they are disturbed, so [...]

Can I Remove Asbestos From My Own House

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Asbestos removal isn't something we think about when we buy a house but it's something we should. Tens of thousands of homes throughout Canada still have asbestos-containing materials. The problem is that asbestos testing and removal isn't usually straightforward. These activities need to be done in a very particular way and in accordance with provincial [...]

When is Asbestos Testing Needed? Who Can Test for Asbestos?

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Answers to Essential Asbestos Questions Asbestos was once a widely-used material, one that could be found in all sorts of applications. Although people suspected that it could be dangerous for quite some time, the scientific consensus on the health risks it poses came together relatively recently. Historically, asbestos import, sale and use, as well as [...]

How to Test for Asbestos

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Although it originally had merits as a durable, flame-retardant material, asbestos began to be suspected of being a serious health hazard beginning in the early twentieth century.  Historically, asbestos import, sale and use, as well as manufacturing importing, has been previously banned with some exceptions. The banning of asbestos in Canada was first implemented in [...]

How to Remove Asbestos: Understanding the Process

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Did you know that removing asbestos can be extremely dangerous to your health? It's true. In Canada, anyone who plans to engage in an asbestos removal project is required to follow strict safety regulatory guidelines, as asbestos removal is often complicated, and requires specialized training, equipment, to be completed by certified contractors. The key point [...]

Finding Mold, and Mildew in the Bible

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  Mold or mold is the noun referring to various types of fungi that grow on organic matter; a cavity that shapes an object; and a fixed pattern. Mold as a verb refers to shaping an object. This is what differentiates “mold” and “mold”: Mold. American English spelling. Mold. British English spelling. Unfortunately, it’s a [...]

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Asbestos

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If you know anything about asbestos, it’s probably this: it’s extremely dangerous. From a young age, we’re taught to avoid it at all costs. We’re taught to avoid dark basements and dusty crawlspaces where this evil material lurks. Although most of us are aware of the general risks associated with asbestos exposure, much of its [...]

Manage Your Fall Mould Risk

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The fall and cooling temperatures can be difficult on those with allergies or other respiratory issues, such as asthma.  The end of summer and beginning of fall is peak ragweed season, a common allergen that affects the lives of many.  However, there is another risk in the air this time of year: mold.  While mold [...]

How We Assess Asbestos Exposure

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If you have recently discovered that asbestos-containing materials in your home or property have become disturbed, it is vital that the effecting area be controlled and asbestos abatement begins as soon as possible. You may be wondering how the risks of each case of asbestos abatement are calculated. At Certified Asbestos Removal, we follow the [...]

The Pros and Cons of Asbestos Management

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Asbestos is hazardous if asbestos-containing material is disturbed and spores are released into the air. When left undisturbed, however, asbestos doesn’t pose a direct threat to your health or safety. Asbestos management refers to the method of asbestos control in which asbestos-containing materials are left where they are, with special precautions taken to ensure that [...]

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