What Does Demolition Work Involve?

To most people, demolition work seems quite straightforward. All you have to do is knock the building down and haul away the debris. Sounds easy, right? Actually, there’s a lot more to it.  Demolishing a building of any size requires careful planning, preparation and execution in order to be accomplished safely and efficiently. For these [...]

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What Does Mold Remediation Entail?

Answers to Common Mold Questions When most people think of mold, they think of those forgotten leftovers found festering in the back of their fridge. But a mold outbreak in the home is a serious issue, one that threatens the health of the home’s occupants and the value of the property. If you suspect a [...]

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When is Asbestos Testing Needed? Who Can Test for Asbestos?

Answers to Essential Asbestos Questions Asbestos was once a widely-used material, one that could be found in all sorts of applications. Although people suspected that it could be dangerous for quite some time, the scientific consensus on the health risks it poses came together relatively recently. Historically, asbestos import, sale and use, as well as [...]

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How to Test for Asbestos

Although it originally had merits as a durable, flame-retardant material, asbestos began to be suspected of being a serious health hazard beginning in the early twentieth century.  Historically, asbestos import, sale and use, as well as manufacturing importing, has been previously banned with some exceptions. The banning of asbestos in Canada was first implemented in [...]

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How to Test for Mold

Mold contamination is a common household problem that could potentially result in consequences for your health and your finances. Because mold is so common, it's easy to brush off the seriousness of a mold outbreak, but the truth is that most people underestimate the threats posed by mold growth, and they aren't sure where to [...]

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Are Fire Damage Restoration Professionals Necessary?

You might think that experiencing fire damage to your home is one of the worst things that can happen ... and you'd be correct! It's not a pleasant experience by any stretch of the imagination, as the smoke, soot and ash will damage both the inside and outside of your property in a serious way. [...]

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Why You Should Use Mold Removal Services When Selling Your Home

Selling your home can be a lengthy process. From preparing your home for an online listing to fixing it up for visitors to hosting open houses, it’s a lot to do in addition to finding a new place to live.  That’s why when homeowners see those dreaded black spores in the corner of a room, [...]

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How to Remove Mold Safely

Mold is a major problem for homeowners. Not only does it look and smell bad, it accelerates the deterioration of your home's interior and makes you sick. In fact, according to studies, children raised in a mold-heavy environment are more likely to develop allergies and asthma. Microscopic mold spores in the air can do more [...]

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How to Remove Asbestos: Understanding the Process

Did you know that removing asbestos can be extremely dangerous to your health? It's true. In Canada, anyone who plans to engage in an asbestos removal project is required to follow strict safety regulatory guidelines, as asbestos removal is often complicated, and requires specialized training, equipment, to be completed by certified contractors. The key point [...]

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Finding Mold, and Mildew in the Bible

  Mold or mold is the noun referring to various types of fungi that grow on organic matter; a cavity that shapes an object; and a fixed pattern. Mold as a verb refers to shaping an object. This is what differentiates “mold” and “mold”: Mold. American English spelling. Mold. British English spelling. Unfortunately, it’s a [...]

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