The health risks associated with mould are well-known, but how can a fungal infestation impact the health of your children? Because children have less developed immune systems and their bodies are still growing, they are more susceptible to mould-related illnesses. Every child will react differently to mould exposure, depending on their age, weight, and pre-existing health conditions—some children may not experience any health concerns at all, while others could suffer near-fatal symptoms. Here is some more information about the health consequences of mould on children from the team of experienced technicians at Certified Asbestos Removal.

Mould and Respiratory Issues

Studies have shown that there is a close link between mould exposure and the development of respiratory illnesses in children. When a child inhales mould spores they may experience:

– Trouble breathing
– Nasal congestion
– Coughing
– Sore throat

Black mould exposure can cause asthma in children. If your child already has asthma, mould exposure can trigger more frequent attacks. The mycotoxins produced by black mould can cause serious breathing problems and bleeding in the lungs if ingested. This can be especially dangerous for infants and young children, who are at risk of developing hemorrhagic pneumonia from prolonged black mould exposure.

Skin Irritations

One of the other main health concerns of mould exposure is skin irritation. Children have especially sensitive skin and are therefore more prone to irritations such as allergic reactions and rashes due to mould exposure. These skin irritations can cause redness, itchiness, dryness and swelling that can be extremely unpleasant for you child. Picking at this skin irritations can lead to infections, which can create more serious health complications.

Keep Your Household Safe with Mould Remediation from Certified Asbestos Removal

Exposure to mould can be a serious health and safety issue for children, especially young kids and infants. Protect the safety of your children with mould inspection and remediation services from Certified Asbestos Removal. Our experienced technicians will perform a detailed inspection of your property to uncover any toxic mould that may be lurking in your home. If any mould is found, we will remove it quickly, safely and efficiently so you can get back to your regular routine as soon as possible. For more information about our services and to have your home inspected for mould today, contact us at Certified Asbestos Removal.